What is a framed shower screen?

Shower screens are mere enclosures of showers which often take the place of shower doors or shower curtains. Today, a shower screen is the perfect option for enclosing a shower room. They are a better option than shower curtains and shower doors in a number of ways. In particular, they provide more space in the shower and also exhibit additional elegance thus making the shower appear more appealing than before. Further, shower screens are usually more durable than the shower curtain and doors. 

They are also much easier to clean in comparison to the shower curtains and shower doors. As far as installation is concerned, the shower screens are usually much easier to install compared to doors. These advantages apply to all the shower screen types including framed shower screens, semi framed shower screens and frameless shower screens. The major difference between the framed and the other two types is the fact that the framed shower screens have glass screens that are fully framed in aluminum.

Benefits of a framed shower screen

Framed shower screens often offer more space compared to doors and shower curtains. They also have more defined shower corners compared to the other two types. Therefore, they have better profiles that are more capable of eliminating dirt and residue from soap. There are various frame colors that are available and a wide range of glass types to choose from. Due to the presence of the frame, framed shower screens often distribute their self-weight more evenly and reduce additional stress on the shower or bathtub. Due to the added strength of the frame, they are also more stable compared to the other types of shower screens. Although advancements have come a long way and frameless nowadays is a very safe option.

Framed shower screen features

The major features of a framed shower screen are the glass panes and the frame. Usually, the glass type of the shower screen is transparent. The glass screen is held in position by a frame whose size depends on the overall size of the shower screen. Framed shower screens also feature door frames and handles. They also have hinges which facilitate the opening and closing of the doors. Shower doors can either be swing or sliding. The edges of each frame are often sealed to prevent water from escaping the shower. In most cases, the glass used is transparent glass, but opaque may also be used in some bathroom designs. This type is usually used for aesthetic reasons.

How big can a framed shower screen be?

The sizes of framed shower screens vary. In most cases, the width of most framed shower screens for the bathrooms and ensuite range between 900mm and 2300mm. For single panel types, the width is about 900mm and up to 2300mm width is for a multiple panel option. Smaller or large sizes are not limited to these sizes though as a customer design can achieve the look you are after in the space you have whether it be a small studio apartment or large family bathroom.