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Semi frameless Shower Screens

A semi frameless shower screen differs slightly from frameless shower screens because it comes with a partial frame, normally aluminum. The frame joins the wall and provides a seal for the purposes of blocking the gap that lies between the wall and the glass thereby preventing the water from escaping. In the case of when a bathtub is involved, the frame lies on the ledge of the bathtub. This helps distribute the weight of the shower screen. It is easy to distinguish between the frameless shower screens and the semi frameless ones because of the individual parts that hold the screen in position. For frameless shower screens, it is held in place by a thin 50mm (2inch) thin metal clip. For semi-framed, the screen is held in place by a continuous bracket that runs the length of the glass. 

Five semi frameless shower screen styles 

Single panel 
Features a single panel of glass. A glass wall effectively that you walk around to enter the shower cubicle. 

Over bath 
Runs down the open sides of the bathtub and generally includes a swing or sliding door. 

Wall to wall 
Connects two walls in an alcove of at one end of the bathroom.

Corner square 
Forms the shape of a square featuring two panels that are 90 degrees to each other

Diamond shape 
Usually in a corner and adds angles panels to form 5 sides shower. 

How big can a framed shower screen be? 
The overall width of a semi frameless screen shower may be up to 2300mm with multiple panels and around 900mm if it is a single glass panel. 

However, a semi-framed shower screen can be custom made to the size or shape that works with your bathroom. 

How tall is a semi framed shower screen? 
The most common height of semi frameless shower is 1800mm. They can however be custom made to be more or less to suit your requirements for example shorter if mounted on the end of a bath tub or higher to reach a ceiling.