A glazier is a qualified trade’s person who specialises in cutting glass and installing/fitting the glass in place for a wide range of structures such as homes, units, retail outlets, schools and office buildings. Glaziers work in various locations depending on the structure that the glass product is being produced. They may work in a workshop or factory producing the product for installation or mobile work where they complete jobs and installation in homes. A glazier may also be based on construction sites usually installing retrofit windows and fixtures.

Glaziers receive their qualification to become a glazier by completing an apprenticeship including theory and practical experience with professional glass workers. The period of qualification is generally obtained over a 4 year period.

For residential properties, a glazier’s task is varied including installing or replacement of glass in new windows, shower enclosures, cabinets, mirrors, windows, shower screens, pet doors, table tops and more. A lot of modern homes are now built with standard sizing so they may be mass produced and be more easily installed or replaced. In older style homes, glaziers need to create made to measure glass for unusual windows or for speciality jobs such as stained glass windows.

In completing the jobs demanded of their trade, a glazier uses some tools specific to the glazing trade including  glass cutting blades, gauges, cutting oil, lubricants and abrasives, sealants and applicators, lifting equipment, mounting equipment. More generalised tools are also used to complete the job tape measure, bevels, crow bars, knives, hammers, chisels, drills, screwdrivers and spirit levels. Due to nature of glass and the risk of injury, safety equipment such as work boots gloves and goggles are worn.