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Shower screens

What is a shower screen?

A shower screen is a glass panel that serves as a partial or full enclosure of a shower. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes with each style offering advantages of its own. Every bathroom is made up of walls which may be made of any material including tiles, masonry, brickwork, refined wood products and metals. However, a glass screen provides the ultimate elegance that such bathroom walls lack. It adds an extra aesthetic touch to the bathroom making it appear more elegant. Further, shower screens are also provide numerous advantages. In particular, they offer complete visibility during the course of the day by allowing the natural light to enter. Therefore, they can be good energy saving options for bathroom trips during the course of the day. As far as space is concerned; shower screen varieties can also increase space in the bathroom. This is mainly the case with frameless shower screens as they use up very little space compared to doors and door frames. Different shower screens are in existence today. The variations may be on the basis of frames or the nature and type of glass used. There are framed shower screens, semi frameless and frameless. All these options are made of glass which may or may not have the same properties.

What are the different shower screen types?

There are a three types of shower screens - Frameless, semi frameless and framed. Each type can be used in a variety of ways to create a different style, depending on the layout of your bathroom or the look and design you are trying to achieve. 

What is the difference between frameless, semi-frameless and framed shower screen?

The biggest difference in shower screens is the frame or lack of frame. When someone talks or you read about the different shower screen types, typically they are talking about 1. Frameless or  2. Semi frameless or 3. Framed. 

Below we have provided a definition and image of each different type so you can understand the main differences. Click on the heading for more information. 

1. Frameless Shower Screens

A frameless shower screen doesn't have any framing at all. Frameless shower screens can also be know as a 'blade shower screen'.

Advancements in the manufacture of glass over the years have made glass tougher, safer and cheaper which has allowed glass even more versatile widening its already vast uses even more. 

This means glass is now strong and safer enough to support itself without the requirement of a frame to hold it up. The glass panels of the shower screen support their own weight and can also incorporate the hinges so the door can also be frameless. more

3. Framed Shower Screens

A framed shower screen has an aluminium frame all the way around the glass. Each piece of glass is edged with the aluminium to provide strength and functionality to the shower screen.

The main difference is that the framing is built to hold the glass, this includes the walls of the shower and the doors which slide or swing. 

Framed shower screens are the traditional style you probably had in your family home when you were growing up or remember seeing in your grandparents house. 

Frameless shower screens

2. Semi Frameless Shower Screens

The option of a semi frameless screen is the middle ground between the frameless and framed showers screens.

This style looks to maintain as much strength as possible whilst minimising the visual impact of the frame.