Bathroom mirrors

Whether you are building or renovating your bathroom, consider the role a bathroom mirror can play in its design. We are always on hand to consult during the process and to achieve the objectives in your design and help you get the most of a bathroom mirror and your renovations. Used in the right way, mirrors can add to the design, look and style of any room.

Mirrors can and should have two functions in any location. They should be considered for both their functionality in the space and the decorative and design elements they bring to the room

Functional mirrors

The obvious functionality of a mirror is their ability to reflect our image to complete our grooming activities, such as styling our hair, applying make-up and shaving in the morning or before we leave on a night out. They can also have other functionality and that is the mirrors other role in the room. This can be to help reflect light and light up a corner or it may to be create a sense of space in a small or narrow bathroom.

Decorative and design mirrors

Once the functionality of the mirror has been decided and achieved, one should then start working on the design element and what it brings to the bathrooms overall design. Positioning, framing and the hanging of the mirror are all essential elements in achieving a modern design and one that adds value to your bathroom.

Mirrors can add something to any room

  • Add light to dull corners

  • Create a sense of space

  • Add depth to a room

  • Provide the designer touch

Sizing and finishing

  • Mirror can be cut to most sizes

  • Frameless or framed

  • Fixed directly to walls

How do I clean a mirror?

The best way to clean a mirror is:

  1. Wait to the mirror is cool to touch. Do not clean it whilst it is in direct sunlight.

  2. Take a clean cloth and dampen it.

  3. Add a small amount of methylated spirits.

  4. Wipe the mirrors surface all over.

  5. Take another dry lint free cloth and wipe down and polish the mirror


Avoid the edges of the mirror when cleaning as any contact between the cleaning solution you use and the reflective backing material can degrade the mirror. If you see an older mirror with dark spots around the edges, this is the degrading of the reflective backing material.

Do you supply mirrors for other rooms?

The use of mirrors throughout a home or business are almost limitless. They can be used as a feature piece in entryways, throw light down a hallway, as shelves, tabletops or hung on any wall in any room. Whatever your imagination, let us know and we’ll help you realise your mirror vision.