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Whatever your needs, vision or ideas, we provide a full modern glazier consultation service. Onsite Glass and Showers Screens Central Coast & Sydney is involved in the the whole process of your project, from concept to installation to bring your vision to life. We even give the finished product a commercial glass clean.

  • Glass pool fences

  • Glass balustrades

  • Glass splashbacks

  • Frameless shower screens

  • Pet doors for cats and dogs

  • Glass splash backs in your kitchen

  • Glass supply & install

  • Bathroom mirrors

  • Glass shelving

  • Glass table tops

  • Window supply and install

  • Window maintenance

  • Broken glass window repair

  • Door supply and install

  • Glass door repair

  • and more

Making a decision about your bathroom, kitchen or the right windows for you home can be difficult. We can help provide you further information to help you make an informed decision about what is right for you.

Glazier near me

Your local Central Coast glass consultant, designer and glazier of choice

Based in Kincumber, we are a local Central Coast shower screens provider. We are also the glass and glazier of choice for many. With our central location, we provide a Central Coast NSW glass service as well as a Sydney glass shower screen service. From shower screens to kitchen splash backs to mirrors to glass pool fences to glass repairs to pet doors, our full glazing service can satisfy all your glass needs. With over 15 years experience, you can be confident in us to understand, help you design and achieve your vision of your project.

Pool fences


Glass balustrades

A glass balustrade on balconies and stairwells adds a level of sophistication to a property and capitalises on the surrounding area or interior design.

We supply and install of all types of semi-frameless and frameless glass balustrades on the Central Coast and throughout Sydney for residential and commercial properties.

We'll even help you design and choose the style that fits your surroundings.

Frameless shower screens

Style, sophistication and staying on trend is what a frameless shower screen can deliver your bathroom. Investing in a frameless shower screen can lift your bathrooms quality for you to enjoy and also add value to your property for resale or rental.

"A shower screen and bathroom your friends and family will be asking about"

Glass pool fences

Our compliant s with the latest swimming pool regulations launched in 2018 glass pool fences combine safety and style to give you the look your after.

Discuss your frameless glass pool fence with us so it's not only a safety feature, but you get that modern clean look from a pool fence made from glass that adds to the look and feel of your backyard.

Cat & dog doors

We all know our pets have the run of the house, so we might as well grant them their final freedom to be able to head outside or to come inside when it suits them.

Let your dog or cat come and go as they please with a pet door or more specifically, a doggy door or cat door customised to their size.

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Glass supplier & glazier

We provide glazing and glass services to a wide range of customers from small jobs to big jobs for both residential and commercial clients.

Existing residential

  • Homes

  • Units

  • Apartments

  • Townhouses

New residential

  • Homes

  • Townhouses

  • Apartments

  • Units


  • Retail Stores

  • Offices

  • Factories

  • All places of business

  • Real estate agents


  • Schools

  • Universities


  • Day care centres

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing homes

The glazier and glass company you'll recommend to family & friends

Onsite Glass Central Coast & Sydney delivers a glass and shower screen glazing service you'll be happy to recommend to family and friends

Sydney & Central Coast Glazier

A glazier is a qualified trade’s person who specialises in cutting glass and installing/fitting the glass in place for a wide range of structures such as homes, units, retail outlets, schools and office buildings. Glaziers work in various locations depending on the structure that the glass product is being produced. They may work in a workshop or factory producing the product for installation or mobile work where they complete jobs and installation in homes. A glazier may also be based on construction sites usually installing retrofit windows and fixtures.

Glaziers receive their qualification to become a glazier by completing an apprenticeship including theory and practical experience with professional glass workers. The period of qualification is generally obtained over a 4 year period.

For residential properties, a glazier’s task is varied including installing or replacement of glass in new windows, shower enclosures, cabinets, mirrors, windows, shower screens, pet doors, table tops and more. A lot of modern homes are now built with standard sizing so they may be mass produced and be more easily installed or replaced. In older style homes, glaziers need to create made to measure glass for unusual windows or for speciality jobs such as stained glass windows.

In completing the jobs demanded of their trade, a glazier uses some tools specific to the glazing trade including glass cutting blades, gauges, cutting oil, lubricants and abrasives, sealants and applicators, lifting equipment, mounting equipment. More generalised tools are also used to complete the job tape measure, bevels, crow bars, knives, hammers, chisels, drills, screwdrivers and spirit levels. Due to nature of glass and the risk of injury, safety equipment such as work boots gloves and goggles are worn.

See for more details.

Glass FAQs

Who do provide glazing services to?

  • Home owners

  • Property investors

  • Real estate agents

  • Builders

  • Developers

  • Architects

  • Designers

What is the difference between frameless, semi-frameless and framed shower screen?

The biggest difference in shower screens is the frame or lack of frame. When someone talks or you read about the different shower screen types, typically they are talking about

  1. Frameless or

  2. Semi frameless

  3. Framed

What type of shower screens are there?

  • Frameless shower screens

  • Semi-framed shower screens

  • Framed shower screens

What areas do you service?

Onsite Glass and Shower Screens provides glazier and glass service on the Central Coast and on Sydney’s North side from Brooklyn to the Harbour Bridge and the Eastern Suburbs.