Pet doors for your dog or cat

Pet doors are more commonly known as dog doors, doggy doors or cat doors. We all know our pets have the run of the house, so we might as well grant them their final freedom to be able to head outside or to come inside when it suits. This is where a pet door comes in.

A pet door is a small arch shaped door that is installed into a glass door, window or panel in your home. The arch has a flap that is closed but allows your pet to enter or exit the house through the whole without requiring your involvement in the process.

Dog doors

Onsite Glass is a supplier and experienced supplier of pet doors. This includes dog doors or doggy doors. Dogs come in different sizes and hence so do our doors so we can provide the door that best matches the needs of your dog.

Our qualified glaziers, can install dog doors on the Central Coast and on Sydney’s North Shore.

Let your dog come and go as they please with a doggy door

Cat doors

All installations of cat doors are completed by fully qualified and experienced glaziers to ensure the correct glass is used for safety. If the glass is replaced to install your cat’s door, then we always use safety glass to ensure the safety of your cat and family.

We provide a cat door installation service for the Central Coast, Gosford and Sydney’s North Shore including Berowra, Mount Colah and Hornsby.

Once the door is installed your cat can now have their very own door to can come and go as they please.

Your pet will be able to come and go as they please and will surely thank you

Why install a pet door?

Our pets can take over our homes and rule our lives. And of course we let them and we’re more than happy to. However, we don’t always want to be on call for our pets, so a doggy door is the perfect solution so they can come and go as they please without us having to get up and open a door to let them out or in.

Pet doors are also great as we aren’t always home. We work, we go out to dinner, we our out and about on the weekends. This shouldn’t be a reason that your dog or cat should be locked outside and not be able to use your home. With a pet door they can come and go and do as they please whether we are home or not.

What size pet door should I get?

Many pet owners can overestimate the size of the door they need for their dog or cat. Depending on the breed of your pet, all that hair or fur can make your pet seem a lot bigger than they actually are and hence the belief of the need for a bigger door.

Generally speaking, one size fits all for cats unless you have a particularly large cat. To ensure you get the most appropriate size (especially for dogs), measure:

  • The shoulder width of your pet

  • The height of your pet from the ground up to the to of their shoulder blades.

The correct size is one that gives your pet a couple of centimetres on either side and above their shoulder blades. Your glazier will help you make sure you get the right size.

6 benefits of our pet doors for you dog or cat

  1. Freedom

Freedom for your pet to come and go as they please, but also freedom for you. Finally you won’t be at the call of your pet. You can stay on the couch, at the dining table, in bed or not be constantly interrupted from what you are doing to let you pet in or out of the house.

  1. Keeps the bugs out

Have the door constantly closed to stop the flies, mosquitos and any other insects getting in and out of your house.

  1. Cleaner house

If you pet can come and go as they please, then there should be no more cleaning up after your pet in your home.

  1. Save money

Give your air conditioner a break by keeping your door closed all the time so you aren’t letting the cool air in during winter or the warm air in during summer.

  1. Safety

We only install pet doors into toughened glass to ensure the whole door remains strong, ensuring the safety of your pet, family and visitors when using the door.

  1. Custom sizes

A variety of door sizes are available so that the door is custom size for your pet.

Buyer beware

Not all pet door suppliers and installers use fully qualified glaziers. Any work with glass can be dangerous during installation and also once installed if not installed correctly. There a numerous regulatory guidelines around the types of glass that should be used for doors and windows which a fully qualified glazier will be up to date with.

The major issue with pet doors installed in glass, is that a whole is cut in the middle of the glass and anytime a whole is cut, it weakens the piece of glass as a whole. Fully qualified glaziers will use toughened glass and ensure that the glasses strength is maintained and therefore the safety of the glass is maintained.