Glass windows com in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but also have a lot of different functionality. We can supply and install new windows or repair or replace your current windows.

What glass window products or services do you provide?

  • Installation of new glass windows with aluminium frames in new properties

  • Replace the whole glass window including aluminium frame

  • Repair broken glass in a window

  • Upgrade the glass in existing windows. Glass upgrades can to safety glass to keep your children safe or to achieve a modern look.

Do you repair broken windows?

Yes we can repair a broken window. We repair windows of all different sizes and shapes. Typically, our glaziers can replace your glass on the spot on the first visit which reduces any inconvenience that a broken window can cause in your home, office of retail store.

Why would you replace your windows?

A lot of heat in winter is lost through its glazing and more so, a lot of unwanted heat is gained in summer through glazing. Efficient glass and double glazed glass in windows can reduce the transfer of heat by up to 50%.

The manufacturing of glass has changed and advanced a lot over the years. If you have an older home, you may wish to upgrade your glass to safety glass to keep your children safe.

Glass has a long life which is one of its great advantages. The problem with this is that after it has been in a home for 50, 60, 70 or more years, it may not be achieving the design and look you are trying to achieve in your home. You can replace the just the glass or you can replace the whole window with an aluminium frame and glass that delivers a clean and stylish modern design.