Glass splashbacks

A glass splashback typically goes on the wall in the kitchen above kitchen benches behind the sink and oven. Typically this has been tiles in the past. With the advancements in glass technology and more so the ability to print all sorts of colours to go on glass, there has been a lot of development in the design of kitchens.

Tiles are no longer the only option, glass splashbacks provide a flexible option that offers clean lines and modern design.

Where can you install a glass splashback?

There a variety of uses for a splashback and the typical installation we do includes:

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms walls

  • Shower walls

  • Laundries

  • Feature walls

  • BBQ areas

  • Reception areas in offices as a feature wall

  • As a white board to write on in your kitchen at home or office’s kitchen or boardroom.

We love being creative, so what you can do with a splashback is only limited by your imagination. So where ever you want to install a splashback to a wall or whatever design you are trying to achieve, talk to us about how we can help you achieve your look.

What are the benefits of a glass splashback compared to tiles?

Easier to clean

There’s no grout like tiles to provide a surface, edge or crevice for mould, mildew or grime to take hold and build up.

More hygienic

As a splashback doesn’t have all the little grooves for build up to occur and because they are easier to clean, they are more hygienic. Think of it like cleaning your teeth, if you didn’t have gaps in between, there wouldn’t be build up between them and you also wouldn’t have to floss every gap.

Brighten up your kitchen or bathroom or other space

The reflective and glossy surface throws light throughout the space brightening up and lightening the room giving it the perception of being more spacious.

Make an impact

Give your room a modern look with clean and simple lines with one large focal point in the room. Without the lines there is no break in your colour palette that would otherwise diffuse it.

Heat resistant

If you have any reservations about the heat generated by your oven or cooktop and the impact on the glass splashback, you can rest assured knowing your splashback will be manufactured and installed to meet all safety requirements and will tolerate any heat generated.

Colour choice is endless

Generally your choice with tiles is limited to the colours, patterns and styles you see in the show room or in a catalogue. A glass splashback provides complete flexibility with colours, designs and patterns that’s limitations are only restricted by your imagination.

Get the look

Stay on trend and maintain a modern, clean and sophisticated design throughout your home.


Any renovations can be expensive, especially when renovating the kitchen or bathroom. Glass splashbacks are an equally affordable option as tiles so there are no major savings either way.


A strong background colour can work well and highlight your appliances such as stainless steel cooker or fridge. It also helps highlight your kitchen tools. The splashback provides a backdrop to stage your KitchenAid or kettle or knives or hanging pots and pans.

Add value

If you are looking to rent your property or sell, a splash back adds value and makes that memorable impact you want to make on the buyer or renter. The two most common rooms that are looked at when buying or renting are the kitchen and bathroom. So making these two rooms pop in their mind will help you seal the deal.

Quick to install

It only takes a couple of hours to install a splashback so you won't be inconvenienced,

What types of glass splashbacks are there?

  • Coloured

  • Patterned

  • Mirrored

  • Printed

What colours options do I have to select from for my glass splashbacks?

The big advantage with splashbacks is the flexibility and choice when it comes to colour and design. We have a wide range of standard colours to choose from such as metallics, pastilles, pearls, solid colours or mirrored with a tint. Alternatively if you have a colour you are after such as a paint colour from the major paint brands such as Wattyl, Bristol Paints, Taubmans, Dulux or Resene, please provide it and will match the colour. To achieve the best colour matching, the use of Starphire glass is recommended as it has less of the green that glass can possess which can affect the appearance of the colour.

The age of digital print as an option opens up the wide range of choice that is only limited by your imagination.

Our glass design consultants can help you with your colour and style selection by discussing what will work in your space in consideration of your styling, floor tiles, cabinetry, paint colours and appliances.

What type of glass is used for splashbacks?

Two different types of glass are used for splashbacks

  1. Standard clear glass

This has the green tinge you would be familiar with that glass can have.

  1. Starphire glass

  • Can also be known as low iron

  • This is a clearer glass

  • All glass has iron in it and it is the iron that gives glass the green tinge that you see. The lower the lower the iron the clearer it is.

Your choice between standard or starphire will be dependent on the colour or design of your splashback as it can affect the appearance of your design. Starhire glass will give the best representation of your colour choice and design. Your glazier and glass consultant will be able to advise the best option for your design.

Both of these glasses can be slumped, which means it can be fired in a kiln to create a pattern on it.

When is the best time to get a splashbacks measure & quote?

If you are after a ‘guestimate’, have your builder or kitchen installer or measure it yourself. You can then email us your sketch and measurements. The more accurate your measurements are the more accurate the price will be to your final price.

A measure and quote for the final job needs to be done once your kitchen has been completely installed. This includes all cabinetry, sink, bench tops, cookers, range hoods and your electrician has completed all wiring, especially for all power points.

If you do have a rangehood and the splashback is going behind it, you’ll need to have it fully installed and then uninstalled so we can allow for the points that it will attach to the wall.

If there are any differences in the measurements, a new quote will be provided.

Please be aware that once the order has been made for the manufacture of the splashback, no further changes can be made.

How do I get a quote for my Glass Splashbacks?

We are more than happy to come out to your home or office and:

  • Measure up

  • Discuss your options

  • Help you decide on colours, styles and designs

  • Provide you with an accurate quote.

If you are after a guestimate, we can provide one. A drawing from you builder, kitchen installer, cabinetmaker is ideal. Alternatively you can do a drawing or sketch it yourself. Any drawings need all measurements and identify where any power points are. If you are able to take photo’s this will also be a big help.

How are glass splashbacks made?

Glass splashbacks are manufactured in a factory. They are cut to shape, holes cut for power points, toughened and then painted or printed with your colour or design.

What are glass splashbacks made from?

We use 6mm toughened (safety) glass for splashbacks. Toughened glass is generally deemed to be 5 times stronger than everyday glass so you can install it with confidence knowing it will be safe, won’t break and will last.

Do you make glass splashbacks to Australian Standards?

Yes, all work completed by us is completed to Australian Standards. Glass work complies to AS1288.

With our years of experience, we respect glass and its potential safety risk. Our clients and their families safety are always paramount to all of our work. Safety comes first and will always be prioritised over any design decisions. For splashbacks we use 6mm Toughened Safety glass where possible.

Do you provide a warranty on splashbacks?

Yes, all our glazing including glass splashbacks comes with a 7 year guarantee against faulty workmanship

We only using quality glass and durable paints to ensure your new splashback lasts for many years and beyond expectation.

Any breakage of the glass due to impact is not covered. We do use toughened glass to reduce any chance of breaking, but glass is glass and it can crack or break with significant impact.

Are splashbacks custom manufactured?

Yes. All splashback are custom made to your sizing, power outlet cut outs, tap cut outs, design and colour.

How do you allow for power points in the splashback?

The cutting of the holes is completed offsite in the manufacturing process and can’t be done onsite. This is why all electrical work must be completed prior to the final measure and quote. This ensures the holes that are cut in the glass match up perfectly to where your power points are. As the glass is toughened 6mm safety glass we are unable to change the holes once the splashback has been manufactured.

I have a range hood so my splashback is an upside down T and it needs holes for the range hood and power points?

Generally speaking we can find a solution to the shape, your design or look you are trying to achieve.

We have worked with many different sizes, shapes, colours, power points, range hoods, cabinets etc. There are size limitations, but these can be overcome with a join which can be worked into the design.

Do I require a fire retardant board behind my gas burner?

To comply with Australian Standards the nearest gas burner must be 200mm away from the splashback. If it is closer than the required 200mm, then you will require a fire retardant board installed.

For electric and induction cooktops, a fire retardant board will not be required with your glass splashback.

Legislation can change and it is always best to check the current regulation and what is best for your situation.

What is the cheapest splashback?

We can use two types of glass.

  1. Standard clear glass

This has the familiar green tinge glass and this is the cheapest of the two options.

  1. Starphire glass

This is the clearest glass and provides the best representation of the colour you have chosen for your splashback. As it is a higher quality glass, it is not as cheap as standard glass.

Is a deposit required and what payment methods do you accept?

As your splashback is custom made and it needs to manufactured, we require a 50% deposit before we commence the manufacturing process. Since it is custom made, if you do not proceed with the job we cannot reuse it for another client.

We also always wish to reduce waste and do not want to produce any glass that goes unused and needs to go through the recycling process again.

For the payment of your deposit, we accept credit card, Eftpos, direct deposit and cash. Transactions can be processed on the spot with our portable Eftpos machine.

How can I pay for my splashback?

A 50% deposit is required for your splash back as it is custom designed and manufactured.

The balance of your splashback is due on installation. Both your deposit and your balanc can be paid by credit card, Eftpos, direct deposit and cash. Transactions can be processed on site with our portable Eftpos machine.

How long will it take until I get my splashback?

Your splashback is custom made for you. This includes the colour or design, exact length, height and holes allowing for power points. From measure to manufacture to installation you should allow 2 to 3 weeks.

How long does it take to install my new splashback?

Installation of your splashback will generally take around two hours including mounting it to the wall and sealing the edges. For the largest splashbacks they can take up to four hours.

There is a period of time that the splash back takes to settle and set. Your glazier will advise when it is completely set and ready for your everyday kitchen use.

What surface do you need to apply the glass splashback onto?

To install your brand new splashback, the surface should be smooth, flat and straight. This is typically gyprock, plasterboard, MDF or cement sheeting. There can’t be any protrusions or anything sticking out from the surface.

It is possible to apply a splashback over the top of your existing tiles. This is not recommended as it doesn’t provide a clean finish as it appears bulky and your bench space will be narrower.

How do I clean my glass splashback and maintain it to keep it looking its best?


  • Streak free glass cleaner

  • A quality microfibre cloth

  • Good quality paper towel

  • Lint free cloth

Do NOT use

  • Steel wool

  • Scouring pads

  • Abrasive cleaning products

  • Avoid using cleaning agents around the edges as it can deteriorate the paint, mirror or backing of a splashback.

Why should I buy my glass splashback from Onsite Glass and Shower Screens?

  • Our business is focused on splashbacks and shower screens so we aren’t a jack of all trades and master of none.

  • Our splashbacks are frameless, there is no aluminium frame.

  • We're only interested in providing a quality product.

  • We are experts in our field

  • Quality workmanship

  • We only use toughened glass

  • We keep up to date with current trends and the latest products

  • Wide range of choices of colours, patterns, mirrored and digitally printed options.

  • On site measurement and glass design consultations to ensure you are going to realise your vision.

  • All splash backs are custom made

  • 7 year warranty against all workmanship

  • Measure and installation is completed by a qualified glazier.

  • Over 17 years glazing experience

  • We take the time to get it right